Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Layouts and Photos to Share

I am really loving these Lucy Bird papers from Imaginisce. I think I'll be a bit sad when I've used them all up! This layout was really simple and quick to put together. I just used the scraps I had left over from the door hanging. I punched a border around the white cardstock, layered my scrap strips together and voila - finished from start to finish in less than an hour! I love doing quickies like that. Kind of makes up for all the times it takes me hours to finish a layout :) I used the super cute scalloped circle stamp from the Lucy Bird range, and the white flower is actually a Gimme Clips hair clip!

And of course I've been using the I-top again to make these brads for the flower centres. I am so addicted to that thing! I've used ribbon to cover a couple of these brads, and the other day I covered some with crepe paper. They turned out great!

Now, Miss Emily has been nagging me to put some of her "work" onto my blog too, so here is a layout she created yesterday...

Don't you just love her journalling? It's so her, lol. She really does love animals and bugs. Before dinner tonight she asked me if she could bring her pet bug inside! "What pet bug?!" is what I said, and she showed me a little bowl filled with grass and leaves with a little shiny bug in it. She said she found him sleeping but I think it is actually dead, but I didnt have the heart to tell her that, so he is now "sleeping" in his little bowl in the bathroom.

Yesterday Mum and I took the kids to the beach, so they could use their new nets to catch some fish. My niece is staying up here at the moment so the kids are really loving having someone else to play with. The girls caught a couple of small toad fish, which they put into a bucket, but Em wouldnt leave them alone and kept picking them up out of the bucket and holding them. There's no way I would be touching one of those things but she thought they were beautiful. Jack wouldn't touch them either, lol. When Em went to put them back into the water, and she wouldnt leave them til they had swum out into the waves "in case an eagle flew down and got them". She is so sweet.

I got a few cute photos too, although the kids weren't very co-operative, they were too busy having fun!

Love this one of Em trotting off to explore on her own.

Two little cousins. These girls just adore eachother and are inseparable when they are together. They kept me up til 2am the other night with their giggling and carrying on!

Love this photo of Em looking like a cheeky munchkin in her Poppy's fishing hat.

Emily is trying a bit to hard to pose in this one but it's still cute. Actually they're both looking a bit strained, they just wanted to explore, not have their photos taken!

Hmmm...Em is trying to figure out how to get past the slushy seaweed without getting stuck.
My gorgeous little man, he cant stand to have the sun in his eyes.

Em trying to put a flower behind her ear, but it just wouldn't stay there.

Jack squinting into the sun again. Only a couple of pics of him without his eyes closed!
The poor fish being "petted" yet again by Emily.

The two girls patting the fish while Jack looks on in disgust.

Sun's going down, time to go home. We really love living here :)


Erin Bassett said...

So cute!!

aussiescrapper said...

I just love the layouts, especially Em's, how great is it that she is a animal lover to all of the bugs and toadfish, you wouldn't catch me touching one either but they are living animals and what a gorgeous kind little girl, as for the bug I am not sure how to explain his situation, perhaps he is a big sleeper lol, I love Em's layout - please tell her it is awesome.

julie said...

GORGEOUS page & wonderful pics!!!

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