Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some sad news

Something really sad happened with one of the puppies yesterday. I was inside and I heard one of the puppies screaming outside. I thought they might have been getting a little carried away with their wrestling but it wasnt that. Little Jumanji was having a major seizure. I picked him up and held him while his little body was fitting and then his little body went limp and his eyes were all glassy. I thought he had died but he regained consciousness a little while after. I called the RSPCA straight away and took all the puppies down there and had to leave them overnight. This morning I just had a phone call to say they had to put him to sleep. It is such sad news. I was also told they had to put Speckles to sleep too. Apparently three other pups from their litter had to be put down as well due to neurological problems. Because they were so neglected. The poor little babies didnt even have a chance. People that treat their animals this way make me so angry. I dread to think what sort of condition the mother of these pups is in. The RSPCA did tell me that they are trying to track them down and get them to surrender her, so I really hope they do. Otherwise the poor dog will be pumping out litter after litter of doomed puppies. I am picking up Bart and Homer this morning and I have to keep an eye on them to see if any neurological problems develop. Fingers crossed that they dont and that they will have a chance at life.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Spooky Ride and New Puppies

Well, the kids sure had a good weekend. On Friday night we went to the Jacaranda Festival with Mum and Dad. I told the kids they could choose 1 ride. (at $6 each per ride I'd rather take them to dream world for the day). Jack wanted to play it safe and go on the jumping castle but Em was desperate to go on the Spooky Haunted House Ride and didnt stop hounding Jack until he agreed to go on with her. At the start of the ride she was excited and he was terrified. Cant believe how different those 2 are. I got a quick photo as they were going in, then walked down the steps and to the end of the ride to get another photo as they came back out, but they were already there! The whole ride lasted about 20 seconds! Jack looked very relieved and I asked him if it was scary and he said he wasnt scared at all! I was very impressed until he told me he kept his eyes shut tight the whole time! Emma on the other hand couldnt wait to tell me how spooky and scary it was and could she go on 4 more times!

We decided to risk one of the hot food vans for a greasy dinner of hot chips and dagwood dogs, finished off with a couple of snow cones, before wondering over to the showbag stand. Once the kids were armed with a bag of chocolates each we went to find a good spot to watch the fireworks. They actually started later than we thought but it was worth the wait and the kids loved it. They were totally exhausted by the time we got home and I was hoping they would sleep in on Saturday, but no such luck.

We decided to go to watch the fireworks again on Saturday night with some friends but just before I was about to put the kids in the bath to get ready we got a call from the RSPCA. They had four(!) puppies for us to pick up straight away. The kids were thrilled of course and were thinking of names on the drive there. The poor little things were covered in fleas and had big fat tummies full of worms. Even worse, they pooed in their box on the way home so I had to bath them all when we got back. The kids couldnt wait to show them off to their friends before we went to the Jacaranda Festival. So cute listening to them tell them the puppies new names (Homer, Bart, Jumanji and Speckles).

On Sunday the kids played with the pups all day. The puppies seem to love the sandpit and have been playing in there while the kids were making castles. They have all been subjected to rides around the backyard in the tray of the tonka dump truck and of course I couldn't resist taking a photo! So cute how little Bart posed for me and sutck out his tongue. (I think he might be living up to his name!) The kids (and pups) had better enjoy it while it lasts. By this time next week they'll probably be too big for dump truck rides!

On the scrapping front, I havent had much of a chance to do any layouts this week but I did finish this ATC holder which I love. It is kind of addictive making the little cards and I cant wait to do more.
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