Monday, April 30, 2012

Kaisercraft Sketch #3 April

Happy Monday! Here's another layout from my weekend scrapping, this time for the Kaisercraft Saturday Sketch #3 April...

And here's the sketch...

I have to admit, when I first saw that sketch, I nearly put it in the 'too hard basket'. It looks so tricky! But I did a bit of a mirror image flip of the sketch, and changed some of the elements, and I love how it turned out. I used mostly Sweet Nothings, with a bit of Hunt & Gather for this layout, as well as some of the wooden flourishes, and an A2Z Scraplets chipboard word. Here's a few close ups...

I love that photo of Em. It was taken by a local photographer, and unfortunately it was one of the only decent photos from the whole shoot. I was so bummed, but at least there was one or two good pics.

Well, it's time for me to start making those school lunches. Hope you have a great week!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Scrapping - Kaisercraft Sketch

Well, I didn't get quite as much scrapping done this weekend as I had hoped, but I got 2 layouts completely done, and another 2 half finished. And I've got a pile of about 15 now waiting for journalling!

This layout is for the Kaisercraft Saturday sketch #4 April...

Love, love, LOVE that Fine & Sunny range! Although the weather here at the moment is dark and dreary, and very wet, so photographing this page was quite a challenge!

I just had to pinch some more of Em's googly eyes to pop onto the cute little sun again...

That girl of mine is skateboard crazy at the moment, and is constantly out on the road riding her 'Penny'. Luckily we live in a nice quiet little cul-de-sac, which is full of lots of little girls her age, so on weekends and after school, they all play out there. I love it because I can see her the whole time, but she thinks she is out doing her own thing. There are no boys in our street though, apart from a couple of toddlers, so poor Jack is a bit left out, although he does join in on the odd game of tiggy :)

Well, I suppose it's time for me to go and tidy up my scrapping desk so I've got room to maybe squeeze in another layout today. I'm a bit over all this rain, but it really is the perfect weather to do some scrapping!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Outback Spectacular!

Here's another of our photos from the Outback Spectacular. I just smile whenever I look at this photo, it was such a fun, happy night! This was taken right before we went in, and the kids were getting pretty excited!!

Em was determined to wear denim to the show, so she suited the cowboy 'theme', and I'm glad she did, because it goes just right with that hat, lol.

I used Bella papers on this page, and a cute Handmade Halo glass pebble for the centre of the chipboard circle. Here's a little close up...

And this is the sketch I used. This layout is a little bit different for me, but I really like how it turned out.

Well, I've got a scrappy weekend coming up, and hopefully I'll be able to finish a few more challenges before the month is up.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun in the Sun Layout

Good afternoon! It's ANZAC Day today, so the kids are home from school, which means a nice lazy day for us. The kids had a special Anzac assembly at school yesterday, so they are full of talk about it, and Jack especially knows a lot about it, and has been telling us lots of interesting little facts, (like how anzac biscuits were sent to soldiers, and were made to last a long time). We are going to be cooking some Anzac slice later on (or maybe cake), and have been munching on Anzac biscuits this morning.

The weather is a little dreary here today, but it's perfect weather to get stuck into some more scrapping! This layout is for the Mad About Scrappin April Sketch Challenge...

I used the Kaisercraft Fine & Sunny range for this page, it's so cute, I just love it! Perfect for these photos of Em lazing by the pool.

I couldn't resist putting some 'wobbly eyes' on the little sun...

Well, it's back to the craft room for me!! Em's already in there, working on an off the page project. That girl is as craft crazy as her mama, (and I love it!)

Hope you have a great day!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kaisercraft Saturday Sketch - #1 April

I'm on a bit of a scrapping roll at the moment, and I've got another April challenge done, this one is for the Kaisercraft Saturday sketch comp...

I just love this photo of Emma! It was taken when we were on our Seaworld holiday, and we had a night out at the Outback Spectacular. It was such a fantastic night out, and the kids just loved the show. I was a bit worried about the food they served, because there was no kids menu offered, and the kids are such fussy eaters. When the first course was served, I just knew they wouldn't like it. It was some sort of cold vege tart, which was really yummy to me...but the little rascals wouldn't touch it. Thank goodness that the main meal was good old steak and veg, and they had no trouble gobbling that up!

They really got the audience involved, which was so much fun for the kids. When you go in, you get one of these hats, either yellow or red (I think), and that tells you what side you were on, as the show was kind of about two different farms, and there was a bit of a competition between them. It looked like our side was going to lose, but in the end they won, and the kids were thrilled. Jack actually said that going there was the best part of our whole holiday :)

I dug in to my Hunt & Gather stash to do this page. I was actually planning on scrapping some fishing/camping photos with it, but it just suited this photo perfectly.

Here's the sketch I used...

I stuck pretty much to the sketch, although I made mine a mirror image, as that suited the photo a bit better.

Well, I've got a pile of layouts I'm hoping to finish off before the month is up, and hopefully I'll get a chance to get some more done tonight. Hope you have a great week!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mixed Media Mini Canvas!

How has your weekend been? Ours has been very lazy, with lots of movie watching and crafting happening. The kids were out for the day today, at the beach with their grandparents, so I even got some lovely peaceful child free time :)

So as I was saying the other day, Em and I spent Friday night making canvases. I can't believe how much I loved it! So messy, but so fun too :)

I didn't even have to buy anything to make these. I've had the canvases laying around for years, as well as an old pot of Mod Podge, and everything else I've used is actually Kaisercraft. Sure is a different way to use the old scrapping supplies!

Look how teeny this canvas is!...

I made this other one too, which is a bigger size. I'm thinking I might make a set of these to hang up together, all with different little quotes on...

A bit of a size comparison...

I just loved the whole process of making these, and I think I will definitely be making more. I just love how much texture they have! I've got a few scrappy layouts that need finishing off first though, you won't believe it, but I've actually done another two challenges. I don't know what's wrong with me, lol!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

2 Layouts...Imaginisce Bon Voyage

It's the weekend! We all had the best sleep in this morning, and didn't get up until almost 9am! That might have something to do with us staying up until midnight watching movies, with Em and I getting crafty and making canvases too. I just love lazy days at home with the kids :) Em got right back into it this morning, and before she'd even woken up properly, she was back at the craft table, starting on her second canvas. She is hooked! I'll take some photos of our canvases soon, but I thought I'd share a couple of layouts I did a while back, but never posted on my blog.

These are a couple of layouts for our Sydney album. Mum and I took the kids to Sydney for 5 nights last September, and we had the most amazing holiday. We packed so much into our time there, and the kids are still talking about it!

These photos were taken on our first full day in Sydney, sitting on the window ledge of our hotel room. We stayed at the Shangri La, and our room had the most amazing view!

And here's Em with her beloved 'Buttons'. Buttons just had to come on our trip with us, and waited patiently for Em in our room while we were off exploring every day :)

And now for a little piggie update! No, these aren't our girls...these are some of our foster guinea pigs, who were rescued from a backyard breader. Unfortunately quite a few of them were pregnant, but we have been spoiling them with lots of love, and the kids adore having them here.

The kids were SO EXCITED to see newborn baby guinea pigs, and are loving thinking up names for them. Here's a couple of little sweethearts that were born last week. Emma named the little black one Despereaux (because he's got big ears), and Jack has named the little brown and white one Scampy.

And here's Coco...

We have 14 foster piggies here at the moment, who will all be available for adoption at the Australian Cavy Sanctuary in the coming weeks, so if you're thinking about getting a guinea pig, make sure you check them out :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

You & Me - Kaisercraft Sketch

I've gone a little bit sketch crazy at the moment! Just can't seem to get enough of them. I spotted one on the Kaisercraft blog the other day, and I just had to give it a go. Here's what I came up with for the #2 April Saturday Sketch...

I used the gorgeous Bonjour papers for this page, just love the colours in them! I've got a couple of other pages using these papers almost finished at the moment too. I'm on a mission to use up some of my stash before I let myself buy anything else. I tend to buy scrappy stuff at a much faster rate than I use it, and I'm running out of storage space! I reckon I could scrap for years without buying another thing! That's not likely to happen though, there is just too much that I just have to have, lol :)

Hope you're having a great week!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Be Happy...

Well, the school holidays are over, and I have to say, I did NOT enjoy the school rush this morning. The blissful peace and quiet afterwards more than made up for it though, lol!

I've been scrapping heaps, here and there over the holidays, and have got about 10 layouts done and ready to photograph. Here's one I did for Creative Scrappers sketch #203...

Love this photo of my boy, and love those papers too! Mostly Echo Park, with a bit of Bella thrown in too.

And here's the sketch...

Ok, I know, my page is not quite the same as the sketch. They hardly ever are! I but it's mostly the same, a bit of a mirror image, and I changed the banner at the bottom for a strip of ribbon.

Well, it's almost time to pick up those kidlets! I'm planning a big blog surf tonight, to catch up on all the blogs I love to read. Make sure you leave me a comment if you'd like me to swing by yours :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Friends

These girls are just inseparable! Em absolutely adores her cousin Natasha, and Tash feels the same way about Em. Because they live an hour and a half drive apart, it's really only school holidays that they get to spend a lot of time together, with lots of sleepovers. All that's about to change soon though, because my brother's family are moving up here next month, and then they'll only be 5 minutes away. We can't wait!!

This was another layout from my circles feature in the Australian Scrapbook Ideas magazine. This issue is out now, and you'll find my layouts on pages 57, 58 and 59, with full instructions on how to complete all 3 pages :)

My sweet little niece was so excited to see her photo in the mag. Especially because they were photos of her and her favourite cousin :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Twisty Felt Flowers - Step by Step

I haven't shared a tutorial on the blog for a while, but if you saw the latest Australian Scrapbooking Ideas magazine, you might have seen my tutorial for Twisty Felt Flowers. These are so easy to make, and cute too, so I thought I'd share the tutorial here as well.

And here's the layout that I used it on...

This was part of the circles feature that I did. I loved that I got so many photos on the one layout! I really do love to do the single photo pages, but really, so many events have multiple photos, and it's just not practical to do so many single photo pages, or I'm going to need a bigger house just to store all my finished layouts, lol!

Hope you liked my little tutorial. Oh, and I use Helmar 450 glue, I find it's really good for that sort of thing, and dries really quick :)

I'm child free tonight, so I'd better get my butt off this computer and make the most of my scrapping time. Hope you had a great day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Because...

You should see my house at the moment, there is scrapping stuff out EVERYWHERE! I think I might need to have a bit of a tidy up before doing any more, I can't even see my desk at the moment, it's just covered! But before I do that, I have a couple of layouts to share. This first one here is a 'just because' page'....

Love that paper range! It's called 'Paper Boy' by Bella, and it's so cute. Think I might have to get some more of it!

This next page is for the Purple Pumpkin April sketch...

And a close up of the PP satin flower...

Well, I've got some cleaning up to do, and then hopefully some more scrapping later. Hope you're having a great day!

Creative Scrappers Sketch

Good morning! Well, it is just. It's just gone past midnight here and I thought I'd post on my blog before heading to bed :)

I did this layout for the Creative Scrappers Sketch 202, (you can see the sketch HERE)

I loved this sketch, especially those strips of paper in the background. This is a good one for using up those scraps! I've had this pic of the kids sitting around for ages waiting to be scrapped, so it was good to get this one done. I still laugh when I look at this photo. Those kids are crazy!

Well, I think it's time for me to head to bed. Hope you have a great day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Strike a Pose!

Well, I hope everyone is recovering from their chocolate induced sugar overloads today! I couldn't even look at all the Easter eggs this morning, lol.

I thought I'd pop on here and share this layout that is featured in the latest Australian Scrapbook Ideas magazine. A while back I was asked to do some layouts featuring circles, as well as write an article about using circles on your pages. Well, I love using circles, so that suited me just fine! I had to do 3 layouts, and this one was my fave...

Love this photo of Em! What a poser!! She was putting on a fashion show for me, complete with the 'bored' model look. Here are a few close ups...

And here's how it looked in the mag...

Well, we've got some visitors here today, so we're off to the beach for a bbq this afternoon. So glad we've got such beautiful weather at the moment. Hope you're enjoying the long weekend!
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