Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kaisercraft at Scrapping On The Avenue

Did you know that Scrapping On The Avenue had all the new Kaisercraft Christmas ranges in store a few weeks ago? Vanessa will often have brand new release products in the shop ages before any one else gets them, so if you're like me, and like to get hold of all the new stuff as soon as you can, then make sure you follow the Scrapping On The Avenue Blog. If you can't get into the shop, Vanessa will even post your goodies out to you, so you never have to miss out. How good is that?!

Blog Awards!

Yep, I'm still being good about posting my blog awards, although it has taken me a little bit of time for this one. This blog award was given to me by Carin McDonough. Carin is on the BoBunny Design Team and her work is just beautiful, so make sure you check out her blog HERE.

The rules of the award are that I have to thank the person who gave it to me, tell you 7 things about myself and pass it on to 5 other people.

So...7 things about me...

1. I turned 35 a couple of months ago (yikes!)
2. I really want to live on a farm and take in lots of rescue animals. Might have to win lotto to fund that dream though :)
3. I have a bit of a thing for Simon Baker and Hugh Jackman
4. I have a huge addiction to chocolate and have even been known to have some for breakfast (now that's naughty!)
5. I love cooking, especially baking, and I love teaching the kids how to cook.
6. I can't stand watching tv if I'm not doing something. Just don't like to sit and do nothing, so I'm usually cutting things out and making things at the same time.
7. I have to read before I go to sleep.

I also received this award twice...

The rules for this award are to list 10 blogs you love and 10 things about you on your own blog.

This award was given to me the other day from Blossies, which is one of the absolutely awesome shops where I teach classes. If you are ever heading up the Sunshine Coast, you should really take the Caboolture/Morayfield turn off and go and check it out. They also have a fabulous blog that you can check out HERE.

I was also given this award by the talented Liz Weber, who makes the most stunning cards. If you're looking for some inspiration, then you really must check out her blog HERE.

Now, I know I should probably list a few more things about me, and be linking up 25 (!!) blogs, but I think I'm gonna call it a night. Too many late nights catching up with me I think! So thank you Carin, Blossies and Liz for the awards, I really appreciate it! And if you would like some links to some very inspiring blogs, then go the Purple Pumpkin blog and check out the links to see the work of some very talented ladies.

Good night!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Layouts with A2Z Scraplets!

Gosh, just looked at the time, and it's nearly time to pick up the kids already. I feel like I've not long just dropped them off!! Well, I'll just quickly share a few layouts today, using some of my favourite Fancy Pants papers - Wishful Thinking. I just can't get enough of these! The chipboard on each layout is A2Z Scraplets...

I love this photo of Em! She was having so much fun playing with Daisy and when she just looked up I snapped this photo.

Love these photo's too, of miss stinky pie in her beanie :)

And as much as I *hate* photos of me, I had to scrap this pic of me and my girl at the zoo. She was being so good letting me take some photos when all she wanted to do was eat her ice cream...

I've popped a couple of Purple Pumpkin buttons on these layouts too, and if you want to see more ideas using Purple Pumpkin Embellies, make sure you head over to the Purple Pumpkin Blog because there are lots of fabulous customer layouts on there every day this week. (and I've even got a little week long competition running over there too :))

Well, I'd better run, I have a gazillion things to do before I go pick up the kidlets. Hope you are having a great day!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Stuff

Guess what we did today? Well, the kids actually, I was just a spectator...

Yep! They had their first beach swim of the season! These crazy kids nagged me all day about how hot it was, and how they wanted to swim at the beach, and I finally agreed. Apparently the water was just a bit cold (it is still winter after all!)

And they came running out squealing...

But once they got used to it, they ended up swimming for about an hour. There were loads of people around on the beach, but only a handful of kids were actually brave enough to swim. The adults weren't that silly! It was really flat today too, with no waves, so it was a good day to let the kids just go for it without having to be in the water with them.

And I have managed to scrap just one lonely little layout over the weekend. I did this one for a From Screen 2 Scrap challenge. I had to use a baby photo, stripes and a handmade title...

This layout is all about how I thought poor Emily was going to be a boy, so I only ended up taking boy clothes to hospital with me. It was such a nice surprise to have a girl!!! I was going to name her Harry, and I even had Jack saying it, lol. I used lots of Purple Pumpkin goodies on this layout. I even managed to get 6 buttons on there!

And I have now discovered I actually like kraft paper!!! I never liked it before, but I bought some at Blossies the other day, and now I LOVE it!!! Think I need to get me some more of that!!

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lunchbag Flowers

So...I've just finished vacuuming, and was about to mop my floors, but I thought I'd stop for a quick sit down at the computer. I'm such a shocker for walking past the computer, and just "popping on for a minute", which usually turns into half an hour!

So anyway, I thought I'd pop a little tutorial on here for the lunchbag flowers that I have been doing lately. They are sooo quick and easy, you will love them...

To start, punch out some scalloped circles, I like to use 5.

Whack a couple of staples in the centre.

Now taking the top piece, scrunch it up tightly so it sticks up like this...

Then repeat that for each layer. I kind of like it when they are all scrunched up...kind of looks like a rose bud or something. Gotta incorporate that into a project sometime I think...

Now...grab the bottom layout and flatten it out, it will be the base of your flower...

Then all you do is un-scrunch each layer, but don't pull them all the way down. Your second layer you'll just unscrunch about 3 quarters of the way open, and then undo each layer less and less til you get to that first circle you scrunched. Only unscrunch that one a teensy bit and that will be the centre of your flower.

Pretty easy, huh? Sometimes I like to fold those layers down a bit and pop a brad or button in the centre...

These flowers also look great made up with tissue paper...


And of course patterned paper...

I've found that the thinner patterned papers seem to look better because they scrunch a lot easier, but it's still good for the thicker papers too. And the punch I used was a 2 inch scalloped circle punch, but of course you can use any size.

Ok, better get back to those floors!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Scrap the Boys - Flowers on a Boy Layout?

Good morning scrappy friends! Hasn't the weekend just flown by? I feel like I didnt even have a weekend actually, lol. But the kids are off to school for the day now, so I finally have a chance to just...breathe....and write on my blog ;)

So, I didnt scrap at all on the weekend, although I did teach 2 classes at Blossies, so I guess I still did something scrappy. And I bought a nice little stash of new goodies to play with. There are heaps of new things in there at the moment, so if you are local you should really pop in and have a look.

So onto my layout...I've finally just had a chance this morning to take a photo of the layout I did for the Scrap the Boys challenge. The challenge was to do a boys layout using flowers. Well...I've had this photo of Jack for a while, but I kept struggling to use it because he had his head on this pink pillow, so I knew I just had to scrap this one. I loved doing this page, and surprisingly Jack liked it too! I thought he would hate it because of the flowers and **gasp** pink that I used on it! (although I only used a little bit of pink :))

This boy of mine is such a sweetie. Such a mama's boy. He loves nothing more than hopping into my bed and snuggling up...

I used heaps of Purple Pumpkin goodies on here. My new favourite Cap Boy button, a denim and fabric flower and a fabric and chenille flower. And a Pink Ladybug button which has not yet been released. The yummy papers are Bo Bunny Petal Pushers.

And because Jack is such a night owl, I just had to put a little Owl on a Branch button on there, as well as handmade felt flower in pink!

Well, I have a tonne of things to do, so I guess I'd better go and get started on it all. Be back soon with some more scrappy shares. Hope you have a great week!

Friday, August 13, 2010

My 2 Angels Scrapping Relay

Just a super duper quickie post today! It was my day for the My2Angels scrapping relay today, and I had to include CANDLES on a birthday layout. Well, the Imaginisce B-day Bash line was perfect for this challenge, especially those candles!!

Products I used that are available from My 2 Angels are Imaginisce Snag'em Stamp, Cordinations Cardstock, Double Sided Tape.

Make sure you go have a look in the My2Angels Gallery at everyone else's scrapping relay layouts :)

Ok, gotta go....I've got a shop update to get ready!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Layout! Bo Bunny Peacock Lane

Another wet day here today, although it seems to be clearing a bit at the moment. I bet it will be bright and sunny for when the kids go back to school tomorrow. It's always the way, isn't it? They've been coping pretty well with being stuck inside today though, and haven't fought at all, thank goodness. I've done another challenge layout to share today, this one is for the Challenge Heaven Numbers Challenge...

So for the challenge, it was to have 3 photos, 3 pp, 3 different cardstock and 3 circles. Well I did all that except the circles, but I'm counting the 2 buttons as circles and one of the circles on that tree thingy. See the blue cat button? That will be a new release one for Purple Pumpkin on Friday :)

Well, I can see a bit of blue sky peeking out from the clouds, so I'm going to take the kids and Daisy for a quick walk along the beach. I'll be back tomorrow to show you another challenge layout that I've just about finished :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've Been Scrapping...

I am getting stuck into loads of challenges this month!! The weather here is overcast and rainy though...perfect for scrapping, but not so good for taking photos! So for today, I'll just show you a layout I did using a sketch from Stuck?!Sketches. Here's the sketch...

And here's my layout...

I used Bo Bunny Petal Pushers papers for this page. I am LOVING those papers so much at the moment, I just can't get enough of them! Here's a close up, with a little owl button from Purple Pumpkin...

Well that's all from me for now. I've promised the kids I'll watch a Scooby movie with them this afternoon, and Jack's already made the popcorn! Hope you are having a great week so far :)

Monday, August 9, 2010


How would you like to win a stash of embellishments from my shop Purple Pumpkin, including some of my new "Blue Owl Buttons"? To enter, just head on over to my other blog HERE.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Imagininsce Apple Cider Layout

Good morning!! It's such a beautiful sunshiney (but cold) day here today, the perfect start to the kids mini break of 5 days. They are both feeling a lot better now, so at least they will enjoy their time off.

I've got a layout to share today, using the Imaginisce Apple Cider range. The Word Challenge at Challenge Heaven this month was to use the word "Two" in your title, and to include a banner on the page...

It's only a teeny tiny banner (from the b-day bash line) that I used, but it does kinda fit the page, seeing as this photo was taken at my sister in laws 30th. I love this photo of Jack and his little cousin Ben, isn't he a cutie with that red hair? I used another lunch bag flower on this layout, and used the I-top to make the little apple brad in the centre...

I think I'm getting hooked on the challenges at Challenge Heaven, so I'm planning to get stuck into some of the other ones tonight.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Other Little Rascal...

I've got a couple of layouts to share today about my other little rascal...Daisy. After my darling angel Lucy passed away 4 years ago, I really didn't want to get another dog. Losing her was just so hard, and I didn't think I could go through that again, so we started fostering puppies instead. They were all adorable and lovable, but I was never tempted to adopt any of them, I didn't want to get too attached. And then, one day, I opened up the local newspaper and saw this...

The second I saw it, I was on the phone to the pound, and then drove straight up there to see her. I knew she was meant to be part of our family. When I got there, they showed me to her cage, and she was jumping up and down on the spot, looking so excited. And she was so skinny! She had been brought in as a stray, so who knows how long she was wondering around homeless. I wanted to bring her home then and there, but we had to wait a few days so she could be desexed and microchipped and all that sort of thing. It was such a great day when we finally brought her home, and it was like she had always been with us. That was over 3 years ago. She is my best little pal who keeps me company when the kids are at school, and is an amazing little guard dog too. I just love her!

And here are a couple of layouts about my crazy Daisy. This one I did for A2Z last month. I thought the "Daredevil" word went so well with this story about her...

And this next one is for the A2Z August Sketch Challenge. Here's the sketch...

And here's my layout, using the Imaginisce Apple Cider range. Doesn't Daisy look cute dressed up as a pumpkin?

This next layout is one I did a couple of years ago, but it was my very first published layout, featuring...

Yep, you guessed it - Daisy!!

Well, I suppose I should go and do something with my house. The kids have been off school all week, because they both have a cold, and today they've been busy working on a huge cubby in the lounge room. Hmmm....something tells me they are on the mend! I think they'll definately be back at school tomorrow :)

Huge Giveaway at Imaginisce!!!

Check out this AMAZING prize that Imaginisce is giving away!!!! How awesome does that look! Go to the Imaginisce Blog to find out how you can win it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guest Designer at Challenge Heaven

I've been keeping this under my hat for a while, but I can finally tell you that I am the August Guest Designer over at Challenge Heaven!!! I was very honoured to be asked, and Shell gave me this fabulous sketch to work with...

And here's the layout I made, using Fancy Pants My Family papers. The chipboard flourish is from A2Z Scraplets...

I'm still kinda obsessed with making flowers out of lunch bags. And of course I had to pop one of my little buttons on there too!

Now, if you haven't checked out Challenge Heaven before, you really should. There are always fabulous challenges each month, and guess what...? This month I am a sponsor, so if you do some challenges, you might even win a prize from me :) So head over to the Challenge Heaven Blog, where you'll see me as Guest Designer, and then pop over to the website to check out all this months great challenges.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Imaginisce August Sketch - B-Day Bash Layout

It's that time again....Imaginisce Sketch Time!! I've made my layout using the B-Day Bash line, and some Lucy Bird for the background paper...

Now for your chance to win some Imaginisce goodies, head to the Imaginisce Blog, leave a comment there, and go check out all the other dt girls layouts, leaving a comment on every blog you visit. Plus, if you have a go at this months sketch, you'll have another chance to win a fabulous prize!

Want another chance to win an Imaginisce prize? Well, I'll be having BIG giveaway on my blog in the next few days, so make sure you are a follower, and stay tuned....
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