Thursday, October 29, 2009

Imaginisce Layout - Perfectly Posh

I got a pack of gorgeous new papers the other day - the Perfectly Posh range from Imaginisce. They are SO cute and nice and glittery too. I have so many photos of Em that suit these papers perfectly, so I thought that I'd just use them all up til they're gone. So far I've done 4 layouts and a couple of cards with it and I'm still going! This page here was made using some of the scraps from the other layouts.

Well, on the chicken pox front, Jack is on the mend now. He is still covered in spots but they are starting to fade from his tummy and back, but are still popping up on his hands and feet. He was so miserable with it, the poor thing. I mean, just look at that sad, sorry little face :( Now I'm just worried that Emma will get it. I have enjoyed being at home and having lots of one on one time with Jack though, and I have gotten loads of scrapping done too. In the last week I have done 9 layouts, 7 cards and 1 off the page item! Stay tuned because I will be popping a heap of them on here shortly, just need to take some decent photos of them :)


Kris said...

Oh Sam you poor thing...Young Jack looks soooo sad there... chickie pops just are no fun whatsoever for a youngster and yes keep an eye on Em girl, usually 2 weeks from the first blister appearing on one child is when the next usually develops it, I had only 4 kids at the time but one got it, 2 weeks later, 2 of them had it, 2 weeks after that, and the baby had it, and they all had such different reactions to it too, some were just plain sick, others were just tired but fine and itchy...super economy sized Pinetarsol was on hand here girl lol god I've never been so sick of the smell of that stuff I can tell you lol. But on a happier note...glad to see you get so much scrapping done, your layouts are gorgeous, can't wait to see all the gems you've got lined up to load onto your blog. Take care, hope you have some better days soon with the family xo Kris

skrapkat said...

Oh poor Jack, he looks soooo sad, I just wanna run over and give him a huge hug. Hope he is feeling better soon, it's no fun being that sick :(

xx Vic

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