Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Photos

We were a bit bummed that it was raining on Easter morning and the Bunny wasn't able to hide any eggs in the garden, but he sure did leave plenty in the house! We were staying at Patrick's for the weekend, and luckily the Easter Bunny knew we were there! Emma was the first one awake (this only ever happens at Christmas and Easter!) and guess what she saw when she looked out the window? As well as hiding eggs all over the house, the EB had left two cute cuddly toy puppies right outside the front door, and each of them was holding a chocolate bunny. As soon as she saw that she woke us all up and the hunt was on! It was had to get any decent photos inside because it was still quite dark (because it was SO early) but I did get a few cute ones of Jack. I had bought an Easter hat for Emma to wear but Jack claimed it as his own. (I should have bought 2. I just didnt think he would wear one!) And he looked so cute in it so I cant wait to scrap some of those photos of him.

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