Tuesday, February 3, 2009

That Crazy Dog

It's something that I never thought would happen but on Saturday it did...Daisy jumped out of the window as I was driving the car! She always loves to stick her head out the window and feel the breeze (as dogs do!), so I always leave the window down a bit so she can do that. This time I had the window down a bit lower than usual but she was behaving just fine so I left it. We were driving to Mum's house and as soon as I turned into her street Daisy jumped straight out the window. I heard her scream and I thought I'd run over her! I stopped the car in the middle of the road and jumped out. When I got to her she was squirming on her side and couldn't get up. Her face was bleeding too. I picked her up and ran up the street to my parent's house with the kids running behind me, leaving the car in the middle of the street with the doors open.

When I got there we wrapped her in a towel and I was going to take her straight to the vet. Daisy looked terrible and she was foaming at the mouth. I sat down with her to stop myself shaking so I could drive again, while dad went to get my car. Mum and I checked Daisy over to see what damage there was. She was shaking so hard and couldnt swallow so drool was just dripping out of her. Her chin was grazed and bloody and she had a graze above the eye, so it looked like she had landed on her head. The kids came in to see how she was but mum sent them for a swim (we could see them from where we sat) to give Daisy some peace and quiet. Well, as soon as Daisy heard the kids outside at the pool area, she snapped out of it and ran outside to get her ball! Then she ran around the edge of the pool, bouncing around as usual, demanding that someone throw the ball for her. Talk about a speedy recovery! Lucky I didnt race off to the vet straight away. She must have just gone into a bit of shock but all she really had was a few grazes. She is certainly a very lucky dog. And I've learnt my lesson too - Don't leave the window down more than a few inches when Daisy is around!

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Jyotsna said...

wow, that must have been awful when she did that! luckily our pets can recover very quickly sometimes! Our cat fell out of the window of our apartment once, 3 floors high, and 15 minutes later he was racing through the apartment again. I was more in shock than he was ;)

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