Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jack's Lego Pool Party!

Jack's party was on Sunday and I was very relieved to see blue skies that morning. It was perfect pool party weather - very hot! His party wasn't until 2 in the afternoon so all day I had to listen to - "how much longer?". I'm so glad we did it in the afternoon as it was so much more relaxed than having it in the morning. It gave me plenty of time to blow up balloons and ice the cake and everything else. I had heaps of party games organised this time but all the kids really wanted to do was swim! The slide was a big hit, although Jack hit his head really hard coming down when he was sliding on his back with his legs in the air. OUCH! I was actually taking photos as he was coming down so I caught it on camera. Hmm...I think I'll be doing a page about that!

Because Jack's party was Lego themed, I made a Lego cake. It was definately the easiest birthday cake I have ever made! He got lots of lego for his presents, as well as some games for his playstation, and some other things too. His party went really well, but I have to admit, I sure was glad when it was over! Now I've got to start planning Emmas party!

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