Saturday, November 29, 2008

School Party

Thursday was the kids break up party. I really dont get why they are having the party today instead of on their last day, next Friday but what can you do? Everyone in the school had to bring a specific sort of food to be shared out with the whole school. For Emma I brought Monster Pops (nuggets) and Jack brought Xmas mini mud cakes with xmas chocolates. The food we brought didnt neccesarily stay with the kids classes but I made sure the cakes stayed with Jacks class and it was the first thing he grabbed. I managed to get heaps of photos of Emma and her friends but only a few of Jack as his teacher got them straight back into doing work instead of playing like everyone else. It is great to see Emma playing with her friends. She really is Little Miss Popular! I'm really hoping that she goes into a class with all her friends next year but they'll probably be split up. Her prep teacher is teaching year 1 next year and Emma really wants to have her again but I've got a feeling she probably wont get her, although I requested her at the last minute. Just have to wait and see I guess. Should find out on Thursday next week.

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