Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turtle Rescue

Driving on the way home from Jacks gymnastics the other day I saw a black thing moving on the road. It was just as I was driving past it that I realised it was a turtle trying to cross the road. I think he must have been washed away when the creek flooded and was trying to find his way back. Well, I just pulled over and Jack and I ran back there. Poor Jack didnt know what was going on, he was just running along with me on the side of the road saying "Mum, what is it, whats going on?" Luckily I reached the turtle before it got hit. It had actually made it to the side of the road, which is amazing as there was a steady flow of traffic going both ways. I grabbed the poor little thing and headed over to the creek which was just near there. I just happened to have my camera in the car so we grabbed it and got a few quick photos. Jack wasnt too sure about holding him but he was all tucked into his shell so he didnt freak out too much. I gave Jack the camera to hold while I walked down the slope to the creek, not realising quite how slippery it was going to be. My feet slipped right from under me and I landed right on my butt and slid down, turtle in both hands up in the air. Well, Jack was in fits of laughter. He said he couldnt wait to tell his friends at school and took a photo of my mud covered backside for proof. The little turtle was fine. I put him right near the water and we waited. After a minute he poked his head out, saw where he was and dove in. I may have gotten a muddy butt and laughed at by a 7 year old but it was so worth it to give that little guy a chance.

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