Tuesday, December 9, 2008

School's Out!

Well, school is out for another year. Can't believe how quickly it has gone. Emma had another little class party on Wednesday which actually seemed better than last weeks one. I managed to get a few quick pics of her with Mum and a great photo of Em and her beautiful teacher . I was thrilled to find out that she will have the same teacher again next year and that her friend Kelsey will be in her class too. Some of her other friends will be in a different class now but I'm sure she'll be fine. Jack will be in year 3 with his 2 best friends so I'm pretty happy. Their report cards were both really good with Jack getting "above the expected level" for maths, english and science. I hope he always finds school so easy. Em's report didnt really say much other than she is popular, social and loves painting. So cute!

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