Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Christmas

As always, we had a fantastic Christmas morning. Emma was the first one awake again this year, this time it was just before 5am! I managed to get her to hop into bed with me for a bit (I was so tired after being up til nearly 2am on Christmas Eve!). I let her wake Jack up at about 5.40 and by 6am, Mum and Dad were at our place and we were ready to open presents. I kind of tried to do Christmas morning like a friend of mine does, where only one person opens a present at a time while everyone else watches so the kids get more out of it and the morning lasts longer. Usually the kids rip everything open in a couple of minutes, not even taking all of the wrapping off, just enough to see what is inside before starting on the next one. It kind of worked at the beginning but the kids were too impatient and in the end they just ripped into them. From Santa, Jack got 4 new games for his PSP as well as lego, a remote control dragonfly, ben 10 toys, and heaps of other stuff. Emily was desperate for a Cabbage Patch Kid and Santa left her a miniature one under the tree. She also got heaps of craft stuff, a Bratz magic hair doll, paints, books and lots of other things. Santa even left Daisy a new squeaky toy! Afterwards we had yummy ham and cheese crossaints, like we always do on Christmas morning.

Later on we went to Mum and Dads for Christmas lunch with all the family. The pool slide was a huge hit and the kids spent most of the afternoon on it. After everyone had left Mum gave the kids another present each. Jack got a cd player and Emma got her longed for Cabbage Patch Kid. I love the look on her face in this photo. Pure joy!

After we got home Patrick came over and we gave the kids our present - a playstation with 10 games including singstar and a buzz game. Jack was thrilled. Emma wasnt, but she cheered up when she realized that it really was for her too. I made sure to get a Dora and a Spongebob game and she LOVES the singstar, especially with the ABBA game! Jack refuses to play singstar but he loves everything else.

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