Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bribie Holiday

Well, we are just back from a few weeks at Bribie. Our days mainly consisted of going to the surf beach, the calm water beach, the parks and basically just relaxing. The kids always have so much fun when we go up there. The surf beach is their favourite, and they are always so daring and want to go out really deep. They love getting dumped and its so funny to watch them get carried along by the wave with just a little head bobbing around. I used to freak out every time they went under but they always come up laughing so I just enjoy it with them now.

In the afternoons we go to the calm water beach when the tide goes out. There is usually some interesting things on the beach and the kids love exploring all the little puddles. Some of the puddles had toad fish in and Em was on a mission to "save" them by putting them in her bucket and carrying them down to the water. She is so sweet. There are always heaps of soldier crabs for the kids to catch and chase and shells to collect. One day we saw some shoes half buried in the sand and the kids spent days discussing how they got there. My niece Natasha swears she heard a ghost moaning under the sand and Emily wanted me or Mum to look under the shoes to see if anything was there. The next time we went back to that spot the shoes were still there and the kids sent Mum and I to move them while they all stood a good distance back. We were so mean, we just poked the shoe and both ran back to the kids screaming, saying we thought we saw a skeleton and the kids ran and started screaming too. It was so funny. They werent really scared, well maybe a little, but it really fired up their imaginations and they were talking about pirates and treasure and shipwrecks. Em found an anchor and chain just a bit further up and this just added to the whole thing. We also found some bones and shell from what was once a big turtle. Jack and Emma both had to take a piece of it home for show and share at school. So gross.

On the scrapping front, I managed to do a few pages while I was away. These ones are for Blossies. My favourite is the 1st Day layout. Jack looks so little and cute. I had planned to do a double page layout but I ended up making it a single page with extra photos and journalling under the photo. I really like how it turned out so I'll be making something along those lines for a class soon.

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