Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Puppies from the RSPCA

This morning we got a call from the RSPCA asking us if we could take 2 puppies. Of course I said yes. They are "black tags" which means they were seized from someone who wasnt looking after them properly. After fostering for 2 and a half years, these are the first black tags I have had. They are mini foxies and oh so cute. One of them is a mini version of Daisy. When I asked how long I would have them for, I was told that the case wouldnt be going to court until April, so probably until after that. So 3 months. Gee, I think we might have gotten a bit too attached by then!

When we got home, Daisy, Holly and Chickie were very excited to see the new arrivals. I wish I had my camera on me at that moment because it looked so funny to see 2 dogs and a chicken waiting anxiously at the front of the box to see what would come out. When I opened it up Daisy did a couple of laps around the front yard in excitement before coming back to the pups and flipping around them like a mad thing. Holly was pretty excited too. And Chickie, well she tried to go inside the dog box and check it out before the pups had even walked out of it. As soon as the pups were out they were bouncing around her and licking her beak and Chickie just froze like a statue before chasing and pecking them. I dont know if that chicken is brave, stupid, or just thinks she is one of the dogs.

At the moment the puppies have gone to bed with Emma. She fell asleep straight away and they did too, so I grabbed my camera to get a cute photo, and wouldnt you know it - as soon as I went to take the photo they woke up.

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