Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We're Back!

Our camping weekend was so much fun! The kids had an absolute ball, exploring, roasting marshmallows, and all that other fun camping stuff. The days were beautiful and sunny, but the nights were freezing cold. We all went to bed with about 4 layers of clothes on, but it was still hard to get warm. I really wasn't expecting it to be quite that cold! Once the sun came up it was just perfect though, and it was just the right temperature to go out hiking without getting too hot. I didn't take quite as many photos as I'd planned to, but there were around 230 all up, and here are just a few of them...

The kids were all rugged up here, for an early morning walk down the creek. It was so cold, and it looked like steam was coming up off the water!

Emily in her favourite spot, right in front of the fire. (and yes, they are Jack's hand me down pj's! I didn't want to take her nice girly pyjamas camping, and poor Em kept thinking people were giving her funny looks for wearing boys pj's!)

Climbing around the boulders at the underground creek. Such an interesting place, with water running underground, and then coming out in little waterfalls over the rocks.

Jack loves his cups of tea! I think he drank more tea than I did while we were camping!

This one makes me laugh. Em found this birds nest, and was planning to take it home to keep some of her toys in!

I love this one too. Jack had a huge meltdown on one of our big walks. He just sat down and refused to move...but he got over it eventually :)

Well, I have a mountain of smokey laundry to tackle, then hopefully some scrapping time later on. Hope you have a great week!


Kelly Massman said...

i love to see kids out in nature;your son's meltdown actually reminds me of myself when i get really tired and swollen after walking too much!!! :-)

Melinda said...

Your camping trip look amazing Sam! The kids looked like they had an awesome time...I know that feeling of smokey clothing but its all worth it hey! Hope you are well :)x

Mara Campbell said...

Looks like a great trip!! I love those trips where it's warm enough to hike/enjoy, but not too hot.

I do not enjoy the smokey laundry...ha ha ha!!

Yara said...

Hi, Samantha! Looks like your kids had a great time! You are a beautiful family!

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