Monday, February 15, 2010

Did You See This?

It was featured in the Kaisercraft newsletter. As soon as I saw the photo stand I knew I wanted to make it as a gift for the kids granny. Of course I just had to use the new Made With Love papers, they were just perfect for it, and the ribbons and the little felt heart was from the Made With Love embellishment pack. It was a really fun little project to make and I actually wouldnt mind making a few more of them, if I can get my hands on some! I know Em would quite like one for her room, and seeing as I'm thinking about getting her a camera for her birthday, it would be perfect for displaying some of her photos.

Well, it's nice and quiet around here at the moment, because I've just dropped the kids off at school. We had such a busy weekend, with Jack's birthday, and then his party. Here's a few piccies...

I took a heap of cupcakes to school for him, and his class sang Happy Birthday. That's his lovely teacher lighting the candles. I was so worried that I wasnt going to get there before the bell rang, but I made it just in time :)

After we got home the plan was that we'd take his presents to one of the tables by the water and have a little party, but he just had to open this one at home. He had given it a shake and knew it was lego, and he just couldnt resist!

I love this photo of Jack and his Poppy. Dad got him a fishing rod and tackle box for his birthday, and on Sunday, while I was working, the two of them went fishing and Jack caught 3 fish on his new rod!

These next photos are of the bowling party...

We had 2 lanes, and can you believe that Em actually won! She beat all those boys and she even got a strike. Jack was disgusted that he was beaten by his little sister, but only by 2 points :)

The party room was glow in the dark, and they had nuggets and chips and slushies and lollies.

And of course the Pirates Dagger cake, which was a bit harder to make than it looked. It turned out a bit wonky looking but Jack thought it was great, so that's all that matters, hey ;)

Here he is with all his pals. Can you believe he has only been at his new school for a couple of weeks? Looks like he has lots of great new friends already :)


Mara... said...

Oh WOW!!! Looks like an awesome birthday celebration! I love those cupcakes and your cake turned out great. By all the smiles, looks like everyone had a great time. And I love your project, too. Those hearts are so cute!

Tanya Tahir said...

Sounds like a full on weekend of celebrations! Love those cupcakes and the birthday cake looks cool. I did see your photo stand in the newsletter - it's gorgeous! Great job!

Jyotsna said...

that looks like a lovely party, it seems they had loads of fun!
and I'm sure granny loved such a very nice gift :)

can you send a little sunshine to Belgium? please? ;-)

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