Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where does the time go?

Hehehe, I just had to share these pics of Chickie. She just wants to be a dog and is so jealous of Daisy. I always feel sorry for her when the two of them are waiting by the back door to come in, and Daisy is allowed inside and she isnt. And the way she just stares inside, while Daisy sits on her comfy bed on the lounge. The other day the back door was open and I watched Chickie sneak in and jump onto the lounge chair, right into Daisy's bed. So cute! I let her lay in there for a while until Daisy came along and discovered her there, lol.

I just cannot believe how quickly the days are flying by at the moment! Faster than usual, I'm sure! Maybe it's just because I have been super busy, or maybe it's the thought of Christmas fast approaching. I was at the shops the other day and I saw a sign outside the toy shop with how many weeks til Christmas. OMG! I hadnt even thought about that yet! It felt like I had heaps of time, but it's really creeping up, isnt it? The kids have even written their letters to Santa already. Emma has asked for a new baby sister (lol, she DEFINATELY wont be getting that!) and Jack has written a 6 page letter, listing loads of things, from lego to a workbench with real power tools and a stereo with hd tuner, whatever that is.

Speaking of Jack, you'll never guess what happened to him. My cautious boy who never does anything remotely dangerous has broken his arm. Well, actually it's his wrist. I took the kids to the park on Saturday afternoon, weekend before last to ride their scooters. I was walking behind them as they were scooting down the hill, and Jack was riding with his foot on the brake as usual, and then for some reason had a bit of a wobble and fell off. He was going pretty slow when this happened. Straight away he was crying about his hand and I thought he had skinned it, but he hadnt. I told him to hop back on his scooter and start riding again, hoping he would soon forget about it, but he refused and I ended up carrying it back to the car and we went home. He seemed ok by this time but I called mum over to have a look and she thought maybe he had sprained it. I put some ice on it but it didnt swell up or anything so I thought he was just sooking. He was fine after that especially when I let him lay on my bed and watch Ben 10 dvds.

The next day he seemed fine too, but he said it hurt a bit if he touched it. Emma used this fact to her advantage, and every time they argued that day she would jab him in the arm. Nice sister, hey? That night when I had another look at it, his arm had definately become swollen and he wouldnt let me near it. When he fell asleep I had a good look at it, and started to worry.

As soon as I dropped Em at school on Monday I called work to tell them I would be a bit late and I took Jack to the doctors. He begged me to let him go to school so he wouldnt miss out on his insect incursion, so I just planned to get it checked out and then drop him off at school. Well, that didnt happen. As soon as it was x-rayed Jack was told he wouldnt be able to go to school because his wrist was definately broken and he would have to go to hospital to get his arm set. He was not a happy camper. So before we went to the hospital, while I waited for the x-ray films he went to school for an hour, to see the insects.

By the time we actually got to the hospital it was about 2 o'clock, and we didnt get out til after 5. Talk about a long day! Jack was very brave while he got the plaster put on and was quite excited to go and show it off at school the next day. He was also very happy that he got out of writing at school because it's his right arm that's in plaster. I on the other hand was feeling very guilty that the poor little man had gone 2 days with a broken wrist and I didnt even know. I mean, if he'd made a fuss about it or was in so much pain I would have suspected, especially as he is the biggest sook when he is unwell, but he hardly complained about it at all!

On Friday he had to go back to the hospital to have it re x-rayed to make sure it was healing properly, and they discovered that it hadnt been set quite right and that the bone next to the broken one was bent. So he had to have that plaster off and then have it re-set again! This time the plaster goes from his hand to his arm pit! Poor Jack, but at least it's not summer yet or he'd be really upset about not being able to swim. Having a bath is challenge enough at the moment!

So, what else have we been up to lately? Hmm, the house is officially on the market now, and the mice have gone back to the rspca. Minus one little escapee. Apparently the kids saw one on top of the cage and put it back in, but when I checked there was one missing. It seems the babies are small enough to squeeze throught the bars! They were out on the patio when that happened so hopefully he found somewhere to live out there. I'm still hoping that I find the poor little thing.

I have been doing a bit of scrapping of course, although nothing I can show just yet. Except for this card I made for my lovely Dad for Fathers Day. He really is the worlds best Dad. I used Kaisercraft Q1 Loire Valley papers and Autum Leaves stamps. I've started to quite like card making, and I've just bought a cuttlebug which I cant wait to use.

Well, that's it from me for now. I didnt mean to ramble on so much. I must be making up for all the blogging I havent been doing lately. I'll be back soon with some scrapping to share. Hope everyone has a good week!

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Tanya said...

It's scary how fast time is flying!! What an ordeal about Jack's arm!!

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