Monday, June 15, 2009

Caution - Extremely Long Post

Well, I have been so busy lately and have not had time to post much on here but will make up for it now!

Friday before last Emma had a farm excursion to Paradise Country Farm, which is behind Movieworld. I'll tell you now, DO NOT go there! It was really disapointing and not what I expected at all. When Jack was in Year 1 they went to a different farm and got to bottle feed goats, milk a cow, feed pigs and get a very hands on experience which he loved. This place was not really hands on at all and Em told me a few times she was bored and could we go home now! There was one cute part where some sheep ran down this little ramp up onto the stage and then there was a sheep shearing demonstration but it was kind of downhill from there. I did get a few cute photos, and I let Em run around with my camera taking photos for a while so she enjoyed that. (and I got a few interesting photos there, Lol, like extreme close ups of her friends faces and pics of the dirt.)

After the farm trip we headed up to Bribie for the weekend, but it rained so I didnt even get to take any good photos. Last Monday was my birthday (eek!), and mum made a yummy dinner for me. I got lots of nice pressies, but the best was a ticket to the PINK concert from my brother. He is such a sweetie! And my Nan got me a rose plant called the Samantha Rose, and I'm really hoping it survives as I dont have a green thumb at all!

And this is a handmade card I got from my sister-in-law Kirsten. I just love that border punch with the candles and I think I am going to have to hunt one down!

Jack and Em had their school disco on Friday night and Emily had a new dress made by mum, and had asked me to do her hair in plaits so it would go "all wavy". She though she was just the most stunning thing ever and had a great time dancing non stop. Jack spent most of his time running in and out of the boys toilets with his friends and getting up to mischief, although I did see him have a bit of a groove at one point when the song he requested came on.

Yesterday we went for a BBQ at Wivenhoe with Patricks family and the kids had a ball running around with their cousin. I even got some cute photos of the cousins with their granny and grandpa, although Jack was in a mood and wasnt very co-operative.

And of course I have been scrapping! I have been working on a few things for the Fancy That retreat which I cant show just yet but here is a bit of a sneak peak...

There are still a couple of places left for the retreat so if you are thinking of going to one, then I can tell you now, this one is going to be awesome! Click here for more details.

Finally, here is a layout I did for Blossies about Jack being such a little scaredy cat. He really didnt want to go on this haunted house ride but Em talked him into it. Just look at the fear in his eyes! I kept it pretty simple and then wrapped some of our halloween cobwebs around it.

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