Monday, March 30, 2009

Emily's Hawaiian Pool Party!

Emily had her much longed for "Hawaiian Pool Party" yesterday for her 6th birhday. She thought she was the cutest thing ever in her grass skirt and lei, and wearing her new bikini. We had about 20 little guests arrive at 2 o'clock, and I had organised some party games but all they wanted to do was jump in the pool! Poor Em had been complaining of a tummy ache all day and about half an hour into her party she started throwing up. After that she was a bit sooky and sad and she didnt eat any of the party food. And she didnt end up playing any party games that we played like pin the trunk on the elephant and musical statues. She did get into the lolly hunt though. For her birthday cake I made her a "Hula Girl" out of a barbie cake tin. It was so easy! And she loved it, although she didnt want to eat any. She did have fun, being the centre of attention and hanging out with all her friends. She unwrapped all her presents at the end and just sat on a chair while all her friends fussed over her and passed her present after present to open. Her very favourite present was a little make up kit which she had to open and play with straight away. She is such a girly girl these days and hardly a tomboy at all anymore. As much as I love seeing the kids have so much fun, I have to admit that I'm glad the kids parties are out of the way for the year. It always stresses me out!

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