Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some sad news

Something really sad happened with one of the puppies yesterday. I was inside and I heard one of the puppies screaming outside. I thought they might have been getting a little carried away with their wrestling but it wasnt that. Little Jumanji was having a major seizure. I picked him up and held him while his little body was fitting and then his little body went limp and his eyes were all glassy. I thought he had died but he regained consciousness a little while after. I called the RSPCA straight away and took all the puppies down there and had to leave them overnight. This morning I just had a phone call to say they had to put him to sleep. It is such sad news. I was also told they had to put Speckles to sleep too. Apparently three other pups from their litter had to be put down as well due to neurological problems. Because they were so neglected. The poor little babies didnt even have a chance. People that treat their animals this way make me so angry. I dread to think what sort of condition the mother of these pups is in. The RSPCA did tell me that they are trying to track them down and get them to surrender her, so I really hope they do. Otherwise the poor dog will be pumping out litter after litter of doomed puppies. I am picking up Bart and Homer this morning and I have to keep an eye on them to see if any neurological problems develop. Fingers crossed that they dont and that they will have a chance at life.

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